Francois Lelord Hector and the Search for Lost Time

Francois Lelord Hector and the Search for Lost Time


His patients lament that there is not enough time in the day. And now Hector, our beloved young French psychiatrist, confronts the persistent march of time. And in one case, a young boy turns the problem on its head: Hes impatient to grow up! So as time flies, so does our wise and winsome hero in his latest adventure, traveling around the world to understand the past, the future, and how best to enjoy the present. Then he took on love. First he tackled happiness. Or they feel that life is passing them by. Hector himself is increasingly aware of time: He doesnt feel quite so young anymore, and the clock is ticking on his relationship with his beloved Clara.

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Сергей Нуртазин Русский легион Царьграда

Маврина Л. Рабочая тетрадь. Игры со словами (6+) (с поощрительными 36 наклейками)

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