Shazib Naveed Internet Usage & Task Preferences Part 2

Shazib Naveed Internet Usage & Task Preferences Part 2


Instructors are increasingly making their teaching materials available on the online educational forums. This research was conducted to provide a better understanding of how the Internet is used in university learning from a student’s perspective in Islamabad, Pakistan. University instructors and administrators are continuously investing in Information Technology to support learning and help deal with educational budget cuts. Administrators and instructors would like to make the Internet an effective educational tool. Students’ attitudes towards using Internet as tool are also very essential. Research findings provided some useful insights. A survey was conducted and 100 usable responses were received from students of different universities to explore different issues. This monograph is Part 2 of the Series which is taking from broader to narrow view. This survey was done for the course of Research Methodology of the partial... Many issues regarding its use have not been fully addressed.

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