Demessew Alemu The implementation of apprenticeship training program

Demessew Alemu The implementation of apprenticeship training program


It is a must read book for those directly/indirectly associated with the implementation and operation of VET education. The book rightly calls for strong synergies between policies and programs for innovation, research, enterprise development and training, which should go hand-in-hand.---M. ---Tadese Alemu Senior Demographer California Department of Social Services Administrative Division Research Services Branch. Anchored in the paradigm of lifelong learning strategies and employment policies, the VET approach is believed to have a fundamental contribution to Ethiopia, just as it has been proven in developed countries like the United States. Aynalem Adugna (Ph.D.) Research Program Specialist, California Department Akhtar Khan, Ph.D., Chief Research Services Branch, Admin Division, California Department of Social Services. This book will make significant contributions to the promise that TVET programs hold by providing theoretical guidelines supported by pertinent foundational data.

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Грачев А.В., Погожев В.А., Боков П.Ю. Физика. 8 кл. Рабочая тетрадь №1.

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