Mark Twain Prince and the Pauper

Mark Twain Prince and the Pauper


Out of the theme of switched identities, Mark Twain fashioned both a scathing attack upon social hypocrisy and injustice and an irresistible comedy imbued with the sense of high-spirited play that belongs to his most creative period. They are the same age. With an Afterword by Everett Emerson. In fact, there is but one difference between them: Tom Canty is a child of the London slums; Edward Tudor is heir to the throne of England. Just how insubstantial this difference really is becomes clear when a chance encounter leads to an exchange of clothing and of roles...with the pauper caught up in the pomp and folly of the royal court, and the prince wandering, horror-stricken, through the lower depths of sixteenth-century English society. They look alike.

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