Rikard Heslehurst Jet Fighter Design Evolution

Rikard Heslehurst Jet Fighter Design Evolution


Here is a technological view of the development history of jet fighter aircraft since the first jet-on-jet battle over the skies of Korea. This monograph provides an in-depth technical analysis of the jet fighter aircraft development since then. In the year 2000 we note that 50 years had passed since the first jet on jet combat in the Korean War. This technological based history is of value to the future technologically developments. The major conflicts since the Korean War have had a major developmental influence on jet fighter aircraft design. Overall this monograph provides significant information for future aircraft ... Even today, the recent Gulf War and Bosnian conflict, aircraft design and development is being reformed and manipulate from the lessons learned. Herein, each of the major conflicts is reviewed in terms of the major aircraft operational and performance requirements sought for the successful outcome of each conflict.

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